Sliding Scale Pricing



When you register for a workshop, the following rates will be available to choose from.

Selection is on the honor system; I do not require proof of income when you register.

I humbly ask that you choose the rate which is aligned with your income and ability to give.

All annual incomes listed are based off a single-person household.

Those able to pay more help make it possible for those with fewer funds to attend.

Please see the FAQ for more on how rates were determined and other options if you are unable to afford these prices.

Mindful Hikes + Trail Runs


$15: <$25,000 annual income for single-person household

$25: $34,500

$35: $44,000

$45: $53,000

$55: $62,500+

Field Sketching

$30: <$25,000 annual income for single-person household

$40: $34,500

$50: $44,000

$60: $53,000

$70: $62,500+

Eco-Journaling Immersion

$45: <$25,000 annual income for single-person household

$55: $34,500

$65: $44,000

$75: $53,000

$85: $62,500+