your stories = an e'zine to support grassroots COVID-19 response

UPDATE: buy the mag here! All proceeds to River City Medic Collective!

100% of proceeds donated to COVID-19 response efforts.


- deadline April 23 - writing can be up to 1,000 words - up to 5 photos per submission. Photos must be high res, at least 1500 pixels wide (I've gathered that pretty much all phones and cameras these days take pictures that high resolution by default; they just need to be originals and not compressed / downloaded from social media). - include name, pronouns, and a 1-2 sentence bio - email submissions to info (at) apprenticeadventuress (dot) com .

The idea

"Adventure" means so many different things, but it generally involves some combination of transcending comfort zones, exploration, new perspectives, and connecting with nature.

Let me start by acknowledging that it is a privilege to even be able to discuss something as seemingly trivial and leisurely as "adventure" (although, adventuring can certainly still be a necessary part of our well-being, especially now).

For so many people, their daily adventure is caring for the rest of us through their essential job and/or figuring out how to feed, educate, and care for their families. Which is why I want this project to directly benefit these amazing humans (more on that further down).

For the rest of us doing our part by staying home, "adventure" has taken on a new definition during the pandemic. While it's always been more about mindset than locale, approach than activity, now more than ever, we create instead of seek adventure. We craft it in our backyards, local parks. We go it alone or get creative with how to implement social distancing. We make adventure happen where we are, right now, instead of dedicating energy planning and saving for the next big one at some indeterminate point in the future.

So, at the heart of it, I want to know how you're adventuring in this new era. What does adventure look like? Where is it? What does it require? What are you learning during your adventures about your town, about those you adventure with, about yourself?

Send me your stories, photos, poems, art, etc. about the current landscape of adventure. I will turn them into a magazine and 100% of the proceeds will go to effective COVID-19 response efforts (your input welcome).

Email questions, submissions, and ideas for beneficiaries to info (at) apprenticeadventuress (dot) com by 11:59pm on April 23.


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