introducing Kindred: We Are Nature.

An idea for a long-term project / series came to me today, and I'm excited and nervous to show you the first part. Contrary to what it may seem like, I'm often plagued by self-doubt when it comes to putting my work out there, but I'm working on moving through it instead of trying to force it away. I may be terrified to share pieces of my heart for you to see, but I refuse to let that stop me.

So, Kindred. (It usually takes me a long time to name something and I WAY overthink it, but this one came right away.)

Plants inspire me endlessly. They give us the gift of life; we wouldn't be here without them, and the ways I choose to express myself feel like an act of reciprocity to plants and the rest of the natural world. That's what I aspire to, anyway. We are the plants! We're made of them. They are family.

Kindred's format will include multiple weeks of various media. One week's body of work is dedicated to a plant (often a species, but sometimes a genus or family). For each week, the body of work will include a drawing, a photo, a portrait, a short video, a poem, and prose (including botanical research, musings, and/or various personal stories/interviews).

As of now, I also plan to include a few weeks dedicated to local animals and the elements; details upcoming, so stay tuned.


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