10 outdoor autumn art ideas for Richmond's James River Park System

We're four days into October, and that means we have 28 days left in the month (and until Halloween!). Four weeks is a great amount of time to establish a new habit, and what better way to tune into this beautiful season and channel your creativity than to create one small work of nature-inspired art each day?

autumn art ideas richmond
draw a local flower: autumn art ideas in Richmond

Join the #Parkstober Instagram Challenge to Get Outside, Support Parks, + Inspire Autumn Art

Take the Parkstober challenge and make art inspired by and/or created within your local parks every day until November. You don't have to consider yourself Frida Kahlo... if you make it, it counts! Anything from doodles and sketching to dance, music, and poetry and beyond is welcome.

Share your daily piece on Instagram, use the hashtag #Parkstober , tag your park (like @jamesriverpark), and tag or DM me- I'd love to share your work.

autumn art ideas richmond
nature journaling with kids: autumn art ideas in Richmond

To kick things off, here are 10 ideas for creating outdoor art this autumn in Richmond:

  1. Make a fallen leaf rubbing on large paper from one of the many sycamore saplings lining the path to TPotts bridge on the Southside.

  2. Record yourself playing music/singing by the river.

  3. Do some eco-journaling at Pony Pasture and share some of your favorite lines, or turn them into a poem.

  4. Make a video of you performing (dancing, juggling, rapping, etc.) at the Manchester Wall overlook.

  5. Shoot a timelapse of the sun rising over the skyline from the eastern tip of Belle Isle.

  6. Paint your favorite spot.

  7. Draw a cartoon of a funny story or perfect day you had in the park.

  8. Make ephemeral art out of only natural items and take a photo; then disassemble it.

  9. Craft a nature journal with your kids and share their drawings.

  10. Write a few sentences about what our urban wild means to you.

I can't wait to see what you make for #Parkstober! Happy creating. :)

autumn art ideas richmond
find the rainbow in nature: autumn art ideas in Richmond


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