© 2020 - Natalie K. Stickel

I believe that the many seemingly disparate issues plaguing the modern world arise from one core problem: Disconnection.

When we are disconnected from our whole selves (mind from body, from each other, and from the natural world), disease, violence, inequality, and environmental catastrophes emerge.


By reconnecting, we begin to heal, unite, regenerate.

In my workshops, we pull from the following fields of study and practice in order to reconnect.

In my writing, these tenets are recurring themes and guide who I work with.


By critically examining the natural world, we find evidence of our place within it, not apart from it. Exploring an ecosystem, we unearth new evidence of the wondrous interconnectedness of life.


These revelations can not only renew in us a sense of peace, awe, and wholeness, but they can also ignite the harmonious innovations an earth capable of supporting humanity needs moving forward.

plant study

Plants have long provided physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. When we learn through ethnobotany and responsible wildcrafting and foraging how to identify and benefit from nature’s bounty, we connect with our bodies, our ancestors, and with the earth.


Our bodies are not merely vessels for our brains. They are us; they are how we exist in the world.


Through mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, flow arts, and journaling, we become more engaged and relaxed, aware and awake.


The freedom and reflection of unconstrained creative practices like writing, sketching, and painting spark childlike curiosity and help us connect the dots, illustrating all we’ve discovered.


No matter what “adventure” means to each of us, transformation lies in thoughtfully communing with nature and transcending our comfort zones. Through this, we shatter perceived limitations.


True reconnection can only begin to bloom when we become aware of our privileges and listen to those without our privileges about the impacts of inequality.


We must show up in solidarity, take responsibility for our education, examine our own biases, and respectfully discuss the ways in which related injustices play out while working together to correct them.

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