When we're disconnected from our whole selves (mind from body, from each other, and from the natural world right where we are), disease, violence, inequality, and environmental catastrophes result.


In reconnecting, we heal.

These themes inform everything I do:


Girl in a Forest


When we spend time in and carefully observe nature, we find evidence that we're a part of, not apart from it- this fosters peace, awe, and a budding sense of wholeness. We see that everything's connected.

My upcoming creative field journals are inspired by nature's diversity. They include enough structure to guide your explorations while still providing plenty of free space for drawing and dreaming.


plant study

Plants have always provided people with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. When we get to know our own backyards through research, observation, and responsible wildcrafting and foraging, we reconnect with our bodies, our ancestors, and the earth.

Follow my blog for plant-related art, poetry, and photography projects.

Yoga by the Ocean


Our bodies aren't just vessels for our brains. We are our bodies; they're how we exist in the world.


Through mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga, flow arts, and journaling, we're more engaged and relaxed, aware and awake.

Free workshops and donation-based immersions include many of the above practices.

Wet Paintbrushes


The freedom and reflection of creative practices like writing, sketching, and painting put us in touch with our inner child, our natural curiosity. They help us connect the dots, integrating all we’ve discovered through our adventures.

Coming soon! Purchase prints, greeting cards, creative field journals, and sketchbooks, in my shop.

Camping in Mountains


No matter what “adventure” means to each of us, transformation lies in communing with nature and getting out of our comfort zones, shattering the limits we thought we had.

Free workshops and donation-based immersions can include hiking, trail running, rock hopping, or seasonal river swims.

Street Protest


Until all are free, the work continues.

Each item in my shop (coming soon) benefits a different organization or mutual aid network dedicated to environmental / social justice (15% of each sale).


Every month, I pay an additional 5% of my earnings toward reparations to Black and/or Indigenous people here in the so-called US.

Contact me for details.