Hi, I'm Natalie (she/her or they/them). I'm a naturalist, river guide, educator, artist, and writer.

I'm about reconnecting to our whole selves, each other, and the earth... and the positive change that comes from it.

Many rivers run through my veins (and yours!). I grew up in rural Virginia on the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay, exploring marshes and climbing trees, often clutching my 'field notebook' of bark rubbings and pressed flowers. I could reach some friends' houses faster by canoe than by car.


My upbringing gave me a deep appreciation of the natural world, especially our waters. After college in the Blue Ridge, I worked in geographic information systems (GIS) but stepped away for personal reasons and because I witnessed some destructive practices.

I then traveled for awhile and confirmed how much I love sharing the peace and aliveness I find outside and supporting earth warriors any way that I can.

I value scientific and spiritual ways of knowing; I don't believe they're opposed, but complement each other, and I weave them both into my work. I’ve also found healing in being open about my struggles, which include past substance abuse and surviving domestic violence.


To me, reconnection just ain't possible without getting vulnerable and addressing stigmas... I'm always down to talk  about any of these things, so feel free to reach out.

Random facts about me:

I can identify over a dozen Virginia frog and toad calls and love to spin fire. When I'm not on the river, you can usually find my partner and I climbing, camping, or hiking with our adventure kitty, Otto.

Onward + inward,


© 2020 - Natalie K. Stickel