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Frequently Asked Questions



"Is this for me?"

These offerings are absolutely for you if...

  • You're a hard-working, empathetic creative who often feels distracted, scattered, and like things are out of focus. You want to prioritize self-care but aren't sure where to begin; you tend to put the needs of others before your own.

    • I can't pretend to know what ails you, and I'm not a therapist. But I do know that when we spend time in nature during which we set intentions, get focused, stay curious, and are open to learning new things, it can have profound positive effects on our psyche, our bodies, how we cope with stress, and thus, on our lives. I find that time outside always helps me slow down, prioritize what's important, tune into life so that it doesn't all blur together, and be more prepared to face difficult challenges.

  • You want to get outside more but struggle to find the time.

    • Offerings range from one-hour sessions to three-hour immersions and are held on various days and times. When you work with me, you'll get tailored, actionable steps to help you weave more naturing into your busy schedule and everyday life.

  • You're new to the area, unfamiliar with Richmond parks, and/or want someone to show you the best spots for your specific needs.

    • I spend untold hours each week in our James River Park System​ and never get tired of sharing its beauty with others. A lifelong Virginian and eight-year Richmonder, I'm delighted to introduce you to both the popular and less-visited parts of our urban wilderness for you to continue to connect with long after our session ends.

  • You respect the environment and would never take advantage of our wild spaces.

    • I value Leave No Trace principles as well as the concepts of wildtending and reciprocity with nature. I combine both philosophies in a unique way in my offerings and am happy to discuss them with you. The ways in which you choose to honor the space is up to you; however, I do expect all participants to adhere to basic environmental stewardship, included but not limited to pack it in/out and respecting the autonomy of other beings.

  • You are open-minded and value different perspectives. You are willing to challenge your own ideas about yourself and the world.

    • I recognize that I'm a white womxn with many privileges, and I encourage participants to examine their own. I am still learning, I will make mistakes, and I will do my best to make them right because I believe that in the face of injustice, imperfect action is preferable to inaction. Any form of covert or overt racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, ageism, ableism or other bigotry is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

    • Speaking of which, who else are these offerings NOT for?

      • Those with a fixed (as opposed to a growth) mindset

      • Individuals who would rather remain well within their comfort zones

      • People who prefer instant gratification over lasting results from consistent practice

"What if I can't afford it right now?"

No one's financial situation should ever keep them from experiencing nature in a new way, 

and public wild spaces nationwide already have too many barriers to access.

No one will be turned away for an inability to pay.

If a workshop is truly beyond your means after reviewing sliding scale Pricing, please reach out. I'm happy to work with you to determine alternative compensation (work-trades, volunteering with a local organization, etc.) or a payment plan.

And remember, the meet-ups are always free and full of awesome experiences, too.

"How did you decide on these rates?"

First, every workshop is the culmination of many hours of development. Second, the rates above include a $5/person required contribution to the James River Park System.


Below, you'll find the estimated hours I spend crafting each session before we meet. Still, these numbers do not reflect my continuing research and education, professional training, permit acquisition and other legalities, and time spent honing these practices over the years.

Mindful Hikes & Trail Runs: 1.5 hours in route and meditation planning, plus 25 hours on initial workbook creation.

Field Sketching: 2 hours planning and practicing each subject and relevant techniques.

Eco-Journaling Immersion: 2 hours on immersion planning and writing your unique prompts.

P.S. - Transparency is important to me. After each workshop, I disclose the total donations to that session's beneficiary on the Facebook event page. If you would like this info but aren't on the 'book, contact me.

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