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clarity | connection | awareness




The waters of our lives change course countless times.

Tides rise and fall, currents freeze and flood, rapids and rip tides sweep us off our feet,

taking our breath away. 

Sometimes, like in salt marshes, the flow is so imperceptibly slow

as to make us think we're stagnant.

However y'all wound up here, welcome.


Beginning or deepening a connection to nature, however urban or wild, is an essential step to cultivating peace, gaining clarity, and increasing awareness of whatever is happening in our internal and external lives.


You know deep down that taking time for self-care, including exercise and solitary moments of tranquility, is an important tool in your backpack. The lifelong journey toward embodying the best version of ourselves so we can show up fully for our loved ones and communities is beautiful, challenging, and ever-evolving.

Pack your bag. Let's hit the trail together.



grow in knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of life's interconnectedness


support health and vitality, foster resilience through challenges, explore, and have fun


relax and cultivate gratitude, acceptance,

and ease

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